D. K. Graham

Reading can be fun!


SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.!

I am going to hold a book signing here at Mitchell Park Plaza in St. Joseph, Missouri on Saturday, March 4 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

I will be down in the common area by the office and C-Store, signing my books, and I will also have a few of Melodye Hathaway's signed copies on hand, if you are interested in getting one of hers, as well.

If you are in the area ... stop by! It's in the Mitchell Park Plaza building (old Mead Paper Factory) at 10th & Mitchell, which is a controlled access building, so it will be for the residents and their family and friends. But if I know someone from "the outside" is coming, I can help you gain entrance! Just PM me on Facebook and let me know when you will be here so I can let you in! If you can't contact me, call the office from the call box, and someone should be able to buzz you in.

My books are priced from $7 to $25; most are $10.

Here's a picture of the books I will have on hand for signing, plus the Warrior Atticus the Great book (pictured below) that didn't get here in time for the picture! There are 17 titles in all - something for every age!

Warrior Atticus the Great - Books 10-12

Featuring Topsy Turvey - Plasma Balls - Banana Screamer

Now available in paperback at Amazon.com and the Create Space Bookstore. It is also available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.com and in the Kindle Bookstore.

Authored by D. K. Graham, Photographs by Holly McLeod Jones.

Paperback List Price: $5.50

Kindle eBook Price: $2.99

In these stories, Warrior Atticus the Great becomes part of a video game, gets another visit from his little blue friends, whom he helps rescue plasma balls from the mysterious Zorbelites, and confronts some strange creatures, including a screaming bunny rabbit dressed as a banana.which creates havoc in a supermarket produce aisle. He and his parents and grandparents participate in a very messy food fight involving apple pies, which help to capture some previously incarcerated criminals who have teamed up with the Banana Screamer.

The 3-story format of these "bite-size" Warrior Atticus the Great adventure books are the perfect books to fit the hands of younger readers. This is the 4th in the series of 3 stories each of the Warrior Atticus the Great books. The Complete Adventures of Warrior Atticus the Great is available for readers who can handle a thicker book. It includes all 35 individual stories of his adventures. and is also available as a paperback, or as an eBook, as are the first three in the "bite-size" series. You can find all the books on Amazon.com and CreateSpace.com.