D. K. Graham

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By D. K. Graham

This compilation of all three books of the Heartland Trilogy follows twins Jaina and Jainell Wilson as they discover each other’s existence in their teens, through many adventures including bringing to justice the people who murdered their parents, coming to terms with the deaths of relatives and friends and divorces, and rejoicing with them through marriages, babies, and grandbabies!

Set in and around beautiful Brown County, Kansas, anyone who has lived in, or longed to live in, small town America will be able to easily insert themselves into the story, becoming friends with all of the characters!

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It's here for your elementary and middle school students!

Do you want your child to use their vivid imagination? Then have them read this book, which has 35 action-packed adventures of Warrior Atticus the Great.

Warrior Atticus the Great is a young boy who has a great dislike for criminals & bullies. At the request of his friend from the government, he helps rid the world of both. There are only five pictures in it, of the “real” Atticus, for whom the book was originally written. This allows the reader to use their imagination to “see” the characters and adventures that populate the stories.

The book is available as both a paperback and an eBook, in all eBook formats, and was written for ages 7 or 8 through 12 or older. Even adults have been enjoying Warrior Atticus' adventures!

“COMPLETE ADVENTURES OF WARRIOR ATTICUS THE GREAT - A collection of 35 children’s adventure stories” by D. K. Graham makes an ideal bedtime story collection, each story requiring about 20± minutes to read out loud.

In his adventures, he is aided by his parents and grandparents, and they all use wonderful powders that allow them to become invisible, fly and to change shapes.

Warrior Atticus the Great encounters various types of criminals, and weird creatures and monsters. Some of the creatures have really strange names, such as the gwimquitchen and the quackenboggles. Some of the stories include true historical or geographical information that will make learning fun for the reader.

The stories are designed to help children to recognize the greatness to be found within themselves.

To read an excerpt from the book, go to my webpage www.dkgraham.vpweb.com and click on the link "Excerpts from Books".

The book is available as a paperback and also as an eBook for Kindle at https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Adventures-Warrior-Atticus-Great-ebook/dp/B00DMEDLE8?ie=UTF8&keywords=Complete%20adventures%20of%20warrior%20atticus%20the%20great&qid=1463936886&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1

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